Sunday, June 5, 2011

BabeLube Natural

Babeland, a fantastic women-friendly place to buy sex toys and vibrators, recently sent me a bottle of BabeLube Natural to try out and share with you, my dear readers. 

This water based personal lubricant contains mostly organic ingredients intended to moisturize and soothe your most delicate of areas.  As well, BabeLube Natural is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, glycerin-free, and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

My first thought was how similar the bottle looked to the Sliquid Oceanics that I previously reviewed, and enjoyed very much.  Upon closer inspection of the bottle, I saw that was because BabeLube Natural is made by Sliquid.  I was excited by this because, if I'd had any doubts before (not really, but I'd never tried BabeLube before), I knew that being made by Sliquid meant quality.

The ingredient list is remarkably similar, I went ahead and took a photo of them side by side so you could enlarge the photo and compare if you like.  While Sliquid Oceanics will run you $15 a bottle at Babeland, BabeLube Natural is only $12.

I found BabeLube Natural to provide a fantastic, long lasting slickness.  It is thick, and yet thin enough without being too thin.  I could detect no scent and found that it is tasteless as well, though any lube in my mouth isn't really something I enjoy.  I love that can pronounce and understand the reasoning behind everything on the ingredients list and I honestly can't say anything negative about BabeLube Natural at all!  It's great!  I would absolutely recommend this product.

Thank you Babeland, for sending me this bottle of BabeLube Natural to try!

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