Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Talkin' 'bout Hot Love

You're making me crazy
Hot Love, you're making me bad
Hot Love, you're making me crazy
Think I'll go mad...

Oh, sorry.  80's flashback there.  Not that I was around for much of the 80's or anything.  Okay, okay, I was three when this song came out...

The Hot Love set contains two bright pink warming gel packs, perfect for a "magical massage."  They are labeled Hugs, and Kisses.  Cute, huh?  I love that this contains two packs instead of just one.  These are the perfect size for holding in your hand and gliding across the skin for a warm and relaxing massage. 

Made by California Exotic Novelties, these gel packs come packaged in a black box, covered in XOXOs and a photo of the packs.  The back of the package has instructions and suggestions for use.  Inside these soft packs, is a bright pink liquid that when activated, warms instantly.  To activate, you simply bend the metal disks that float around in the liquid.  When bent they should activate the packs and immediately start turning the liquid into crystals that heat the packs.  The bright pink liquid will quickly turn pale pink and begin to harden and heat up.  I had a bit of trouble with bending the disks at first, I had to play with bending them back and forth a bit before the packs crystallized for me.  They get hard when they are warm, but you can still bend them and move the material inside around just a little.  If you need the shape of these to conform to a certain area, place it there immediately after clicking the disks to activate the heat.

These get quite warm at first.  A nice and toasty 129 degrees (F).  I was expecting warm, of course, but they're not kidding when they say HOT.  This was a pleasant surprise.  On some parts of my body, this felt amazing, and on others I was more sensitive to the heat, so I'd recommend keeping a small towel or washcloth handy to use as a barrier if the heat is uncomfortable at first.  Within about 15 minutes, the pack cools down considerably to be still warm, but completely comfortable. 

I was worried that these might not feel so nice with the vinyl touching my skin, but I was surprised at how soft these are.  These are perfect for use in massage (almost like a hot stone massage...but they're not quite as hard), but they also have many other great uses as well.  If you have sore muscles you can use these to focus heat like a heating pad.  I just started going to the gym for the first time...since 2002, haha, and needless to say my muscles are a bit angry at me lately.  Heat and massage (and of course time) are slowly making them happy again.  They would be great for back or shoulder pain, to ease cramps, etc.  I think these would be awesome to stick in your pockets if you need to be outside on a cold winter's day, or to warm up frozen toes (I think my husband might appreciate this come winter, as my usual method of choice is to put my cold feet on him when I climb into bed, hehe).  These are small, about 3 inches across, so they're great for travel too.

These are re-usable, so you get a lot of bang for your $9.99.  Simply boils for 7-10 minutes until the crystals are gone.  I keep an eye on them and pull them out of the pot with tongs, and immediately lay them on a towel to dry and cool off before I put them away.  Do NOT attempt to microwave these instead of boiling them. 

There is a slight smell to the vinyl, but it's not overpowering or anything and I only noticed if I put them up to my nose with the intention of smelling them.  I have no idea what is actually IN these packs, but if you happen to puncture to vinyl and get any on you, I would recommend washing it off ASAP and taking caution not to ingest any.  The package does say to keep away from children and pets. 

If these ever break or stop working, I *will* be purchasing more.  I love these!  The only downsides I see are that you do have to boil them to re-use them, which is kind of a pain, and that they only last for about a half an hour to forty five minutes.  Which really, is long enough, but I were to be using these as hand warmers I might want them to last longer.  This problem can be solved though by just purchasing more than one set so I have a backup for when the first is no longer warm. 

product picture
Massager by California Exotic
Material: Vinyl

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