Monday, July 11, 2011

Strut Your Stuff

Question of the week: What do you do to de-stress?
I take a long hot shower and ask the husband for a massage.  Mmm...memories of the most recent massage I asked for when he whispered in response "I'm here to please you."  Lucky lady, I am. 

I do like to take a long hot bath, with candles lit all over the bathroom, a good book and a cup of tea by my side...but our bathtub here is a bit too shallow for my liking so I don't do it often.  I dream of a nice deep tub!


  1. I'd love a tub to soak in but alas I am lacking one.

  2. Oh you do sound like a lucky girl. I would love a huge tub to soak in, but right now I'll settle for the one we got. Thanks for linking up!

  3. @Jessica: Ohhhh, I'd be so sad to not have a tub :(

    @Nanny: I settle for what we have too...but some day, I am determined to have one that's good for soaking in. :)