Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Beauty Sleeve Masturbator

Obviously, I didn't get this for myself, and this review will be from my female perspective.  I was shopping for some fun things for myself one day, and though, why should I get to have all of the fun toys?  The hubs needs something too!  Not that he doesn't have fun playing with my toys, but, still.  I wanted this to be a surprise, and I wasn't sure how he'd feel about a toy like this without asking him first (thus ruining the surprise), so I didn't want to spring for something as expensive as say, a Fleshlight or a Tenga Flip.  I knew going in that this was just to get a feel for this type of toy, and to see how he enjoyed using them.  The Beauty Sleeve, made by Toy's Heart, is $19.99 at EdenFantasys, which I think is very reasonable. 

The package is quite obviously Japanese.  Aside from the large lettering stating "Made in Japan," it features a manga style blonde cutie, ready to offer herself to you for pleasure.  There is no nudity, but it's rather suggestive.  It also shows a large photo of the product you will find inside and it's fairly obvious (at least to me) what the product is, so I wouldn't just go leaving this out for anyone to see if that might concern you.  There isn't much English on this package at all, and unfortunately I can't read Japanese (and I don't even know if it's Kanji or what).  Luckily, this product is pretty much self explanatory.

Inside the package you will find the Beauty Sleeve masturbator, nicely wrapped in plastic.  It is clear, and while the entrance is reminiscent of labia and a clitoris, it is not very realistic.  I happen to like that about this.  As a first toy of this type, I didn't really want something that looked realistic.  As well, the company has included a small sample of "Moisty" lubricant in a bright pink package.  This also features instructions/information written in Japanese which I can't understand.  I'd love to translate it for you all, but I don't even know where to begin.  I went through an anime/manga phase in high school and I can speak a little, but never delved into learning the writing style. 

This is a great product if you're a new user of masturbator sleeves and just want to test the waters.  Wonderful for spicing up masturbation or for use in foreplay with a partner.  As a first time user of the product, I found it difficult to insert my partner's member into this at first.  I used what I thought was plenty of lubricant, but ended up going back for more and then actually using my hands to spread the hole of this wide enough to slide it on to him.  Once he was inserted, it was smooth sailing.  I moved it up and down to stimulate him.  He really enjoyed the different sensation that all of the nubs and ridges in this provided and I loved hearing him moan with pleasure.  It was a fun experience for the both of us and I'm glad I picked it up.  I'm definitely interested in trying some "higher end" models at some point, but for now this works beautifully

The outside of the Beauty Sleeve is designed to be easy to hold in your hand, which really helps when things get a little slippery.  The inside is delightfully ridged to provide ultimate stimulation.  It is *very* stretchy, and will accommodate a great variety of sizes.  As I mentioned above, I did have trouble with placing this on my husband at first.  It does have a fairly tight opening, but I figure most of my trouble was due to inexperience in this type of toy, a dark room, and me being nearly blind without glasses.  It's hard to see a clear toy in a dark room... and without glasses, I pretty much just see shapes and colors, so yeah, finding that hole without the use of my own fingers was difficult. 

Another thing I didn't really care for about this, was the...uh...slurping/sucking/squishing noise from the suction.  It was a little distracting to me, but not so much so that I couldn't enjoy the experience...and my partner didn't complain at all.

The toy was very easy to clean, I found that I could turn it inside out with little effort and I could wash it with hot water and soap and really get all of the ridges clean that way.  I was thinking to myself as I was washing this that one of those bottle cleaner things would be great for this if you didn't want to have to turn it inside out, which might eventually lessen the life of this thing...stretching it out so much.  You shouldn't boil this toy, stick to soap and water/toy cleaner. 

The Beauty Sleeve is made of TPR.  It can be used with both water and silicone based lubricants.  It's very soft and stretchy.  It almost reminds me of those little sticky bugs and animals and hand things I played with as a child.  Mostly from twenty-five cent machines, and you'd sort of throw them a bit and watch them stick onto things?  This is a bit sticky like that.  It definitely attracts lint and I'd recommend picking up a small storage case for this thing.  I plan to get the Striped Pleasure Can from EdenFantasys for this.  Currently I'm storing this in a zip lock bag to keep it clean.  It's fairly obvious that this toy isn't going to last forever, with repeated use and wear, this material is just too prone to tearing, but for $19.99 I think it's worth it and it's great to start out with. 

product picture
Masturbator by Toy's heart
Material: TPE

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