Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iridescence Bra and Thong

The Iridescence Bra and Thong set by Fantasy Lingerie is sweet and sensual.  Romantic and sexy, you get both with this set.  The lace is an ivory or cream, and I think this would make a wonderful bridal/honeymoon lingerie option.  It came packaged simply wrapped in pink tissue paper.  The tag features a model wearing lingerie, but no nudity.

Throughout the floral patterned lace in this set, there are shimmery threads.  The bra features adjustable straps, with pearls in the front.  For that reason, I wouldn't recommend this bra to be worn as an every day type item.  I was a little confused with the pearls at first, they come attached as shown in the above photo, which sort of makes them look like they're supposed to dangle down as decoration instead of being used as straps, and the rest of the straps were plenty long enough for me to wear that way.  I had to go back to the product page to double check how the pearls were supposed to be.  You have to snip them apart to wear as they're supposed to be worn.  The bra has under wire, and gives the girls a little extra support.  The back has a hook and eye closure.   There is no padding or lining, just the lace cups.

There's not much to say about the thong.  It's pretty basic.  It matches the bra perfectly.  I didn't like the tag being in the front, you can see it through the material.  I just cut it off, no big deal. 

The bra and thong are adorned with little bows that have tiny pearls attached.  There are three on the bra (one at the start of each strap, and one in the center), and one on the thong.  I didn't care for them, so I carefully cut them off.  Just a personal preference on my part...I'm okay with bows on some things, but most of the time I don't care for them.

You can machine wash this set, but it's delicate so I'd recommend using a mesh laundry bag meant for lingerie and delicates and washing in cold water on a gentle cycle.  You can hand wash as well, but I usually can't be bothered to do that, haha.  I don't recommend putting this set in the dryer, I have only laid it out flat to dry.

This is a cute set, and I'm glad I purchased it.  At $22.99 it's pretty inexpensive and I like to wear it under an unassuming nightgown to bed.  It makes me feel romantic and sexy, and I wear it when I would prefer to have a slow and sensual's nice to have lingerie for every mood.

I purchased the XL and sizing seems to be right on according to the Size Charts at EdenFantasys.  I could have gone with a L for the bra size, but I'm a pear shape and I definitely needed the XL for the thong.  I have that problem with a lot of items, but the XL bra still fits me nicely as well though I feel I'd have more support and more "oomph" visually with my girls in a size L.  I'd love to purchase (and review) more bra/panty sets, but I wonder if I could give a good enough review without being able to fit into the panty if I purchase them in size L.  Many sets only come in S/M/L however, and I know I could fit into the bras so I am tempted to purchase them anyway. 

product picture
Bra and panty set by Fantasy Lingerie
Material: Nylon

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