Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cum-Kleen / Pleasure Wipes - Vanilla

Recently I partnered up with The Adult Toy Shoppe to bring you some new reviews.  I'll be featuring an item from their store about every six weeks or so.  Fun, right?  Check them out!  Anything you'd like to see reviews for? 

(Also, I know, I've been a stranger here lately!  There needs to be a "poke" button for this thing, haha)

Given the name of the blog here...I thought I'd start with something relatively tame.  So, I selected the Cum Kleen Personal Wipes Tub, in Vanilla.  I love all things vanilla scented, so I was excited to try these.  My first thought was that they remind me of baby wipes.  As a mom, I've used my fair share of those, so baby wipes are really not something I want to use on myself before, or after sex...though I have heard of them being used for easy clean up, and I can see the appeal.  I just...wouldn't really want a tub next to the bed for that reason.  Something like the Cum Kleen wipes, is a nice alternative.  Specifically for adults.  And hey, vanilla scented! 

As with all adult stores I have reviewed for, The Adult Toy Shoppe did not disappoint with discreet shipping and packaging.  That's always a plus. 

Retailing for $8.99, Cum-Kleen wipes are sold in a convenient tub that contains twenty-five personal wipes.  They are infused with vitamin E and aloe, and are intended to be an easy way to clean up a bit after getting down and dirty. 

These are a bit smaller than your average baby wipe (it's so hard not to compare these to those).  They are soft, thick, and more absorbent than they appear to be.  A lot of times with wipes, everything sort of stays on the outside instead of being absorbed, you know?  They are very durable as well.  I've had no issues with them tearing.  One wipe has been all I've needed for one use.  They are alcohol free so they are gentle on your skin.  These can be used for quick toy clean up too (though personally I'd still go and wash them properly in the morning, but if I'm feeling too lazy to scrub toys it's so easy to just pull a wipe out).  I love the scent of vanilla, but I'm not really crazy about the scent of these wipes.  I can definitely tell that they are vanilla, but it's just a to me.  Almost like cocoa butter too, and I'm not a huge fan of that.  The scent is really strong as well. 

I love the idea of the tub, but I don't like the logo and that it is not at all discreet...though I did receive a slightly different logo than pictured on The Adult Toy Shoppe's website (the one I was sent is pictured above, "Pleasure Wipes," which is slightly more discreet than the penis fountain, I admit, haha).  To get around that as to be able to keep these on my bedside table, I just pulled the stickers off.  They didn't come off cleanly, so I had to peel/scrape bits of sticker off.  This was a little annoying, but I could have just put them in a drawer or something, really... though I do wish they would maybe make the labels with an easier to remove sticker.  As well, the tub isn't exactly air tight, so I've noticed the top wipe dries out a bit.  Not to the point where it can't be used, but it's not as moist as those underneath. 

I think $8.99 is a little expensive for the amount of wipes (though I have seen them in other stores for higher prices, almost double that at some), but I have to admit these are nice to have on hand.  I'd be interested to find out if there are refill packs available for more wipes without the tub, and at lesser price per wipe.  I haven't seen any (let me know if you have!).

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