Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coquette's Lace & Satin Corset

product picture
Corset by Coquette
Material: Lace / Satin

Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out the written review at EdenFantasys!

This is the 1x2x, which ended up being too big.  Even laced as tight as it could go, it was still too loose.  EdenFantasys was AMAZING with the exchange process.

Laces in the back.

Beautiful black floral pattern on the deep red satin.

The laces are like thin shoe laces.

Included shoulder straps, and garter straps.

Front hook & eye closure.

Slight imperfections, but overall wonderful quality.

Care instructions.


  1. I *just* discovered a few days ago how to set the timer on my camera for self photos. If I take some, I'll update! :)

    (Blogger isn't letting me comment logged in, no idea why)